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Our Story

Kim Murchison and Josh Slotnick have been growing food at Clark Fork Organics (CFO) since the early 90’s. CFO, tucked into the west side of the Missoula valley, specializes in fresh produce for local restaurants, the Missoula Farmers' Market, the Good Food Store and the Western Montana Growers Co-op. The farm was built around family, and the proximity of the land to the heart of Missoula. as town is only 15 minutes away, the business is oriented around going the extra mile to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. Now, in the pandemic, CFO has doubled down on that ethic. We’ve adapted to provide no-contact custom ordering at our farm stand. Kim runs the farm with 4 interns, the kids help when they are home, and Josh contributes around the edges when he’s not at his other job (weekends and evenings). Despite the pandemic and changes it brings, farming is still farming. Spring is in full force! The greenhouse is brimming with plants, field work has begun, and soon the pace will rise to a fever pitch. Although this year the farm season may be a little different, we’re still here to provide you the freshest, most beautiful, and delicious food we can grow. 


CFO is part of the Western Montana Sustainable Growers Union, a group of farmers from within 75 miles of Missoula. This collection of farmers created Homegrown as a certification program based on sharing knowledge within our community of growers and meeting specific sustainability goals.

Small farmers across the globe have begun these types of grass roots, quality assurance, sustainability programs. Check them out here.  You can also check out the Homegrown page for more info on who we are and how we farm.Homegrown webpage


CFO is Certified Organic, and was certified well before the USDA took on this responsibility. In order to be Certified Organic, there is set of things farmers must do, a set of things farmers can’t do, and these behaviors are verified yearly by an inspector. In broad strokes, the certification means no chemically derived pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used, and CFO must have an active soil building program (cover crops, crop rotations and compost). The USDA certification program is very specific, and deeply detailed, and if you want to learn more here’s how: Certified Organic



The Missoula Valley is our home. We’ve built our lives here, raised our children here, and feel lucky to live in this place. To that end, CFO sells all of our products to the local economy and we strive to buy as much as we can from that same economy. Over the past few years, CFO has used our farm-stand to connect on a hyper local level to our neighborhood. Now we’re making that outlet a focal point of our service to the whole valley. Come check it out!